Orthopedic knee (patella) evaluation device KK100

Orthopedic knee (patella) evaluation device KK100

Product outlines

(1) This device is to diagnose damage ligaments that support the patella.  It is the only product in the world as a ligament diagnostic device.

(2) It is a patella evaluation device that was co-developed with the Shimane University Hospital.

(3) It is to asses a dislocation of the patella and a damage to the ligament.   It is to push the patella to the right or left and to display its pushing load and movement on a graph.  This makes the diagnosis to be more accurate, as the comparison of before and after treatment can be shown on graphs and numerical values.

(4) The operation is very easy and it gives no pain to patients at all.

(5) It is very light weighted and compact to carry easily.

(6) It can be carried in to the operating room to evaluate the post-operative conditions immediately which makes convenient.

(7) The below diagram shows an example of a patellar ligament injury.  It shows a force of pushing the patella and the amount of its movement on a graph.   It makes to diagnose in one glance as both the norm values and a damage case.

(8) It takes one sampling measurements every 0.1 second to appear in a continuous graphing.

(9) Device configuration

④Own PC is needed. (Operated in Windows 10 compatible model)
⑤Install a software into an own computer and open a Zip file with the password provided at the contact.

(10) Specifically, the device measures the inner patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) and the outer patellofemoral ligament (LPFL) in its stiffness (N/mm).
The measurement conditions: To extend the right and left legs and measure MPFL.
To extend your right and left legs and measure LPFL.
To bend your right and left feet 30 degrees angle to measure MPFL .
A total of 6 measurements should be taken in order to diagnose based on these data.
The measurement procedure is determined from many clinical cases, which makes measurements efficiently by using the necessary data.

(11) Display example of PC screen

(12) Click “Save” each time for 6 different data and save in an Excel file.

(13)Reload the data at revisit in order to compare the degree of recovery.
This makes the diagnosis more accurate by comparing the numerical value and its waves of the patella condition.


Evaluation tool weight 210g
Evaluation tool material Aluminum, Iron, Resin
Controller dimensions W109  D130  H78
Controller material Aluminum, Iron, Resin
Controller weight 630g
Adaption age of patient 5才以上
Patella pushing load 20N程度
Load cell rating 200N

How to Use

(1)Install software on PC.

(2)Connect an evaluating tool onto the controller.

(3)Connect the controller and PC with the attached USB cable.

(4)Start the PC.

(5)Select the evaluation condition on a PC screen and click.

(6)Have a patient lie down on a back and place the testing tool on the patella edge (shown in a figure) and press slowly, and a graph and numerical values are shown on a screen.